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Monthly Parking for Personal & Monthly Parking for Business

Money is money thing people can agree not to waste. Everyone knows that parking in NYC is hard, frustrating, and potentially extremely expensive, so why waste your time and money. It is hard for your employees to work if they are constantly late, and it’s hard to be on time if you are continually late.  Getting yourself or your employees’ monthly parking could be well worth the bill.

If you live in the city with a car then you’ve experienced the excitement of finding a spot right in front of your building. The reason you, and other, get excited, is because that parking spot is a rare occurrence. Before I made the shift to monthly parking for personal use, I remember spending sometimes up to an hour making concentric circles outwards away from my home. Once I ended up parking 20 blocks north and 3 avenues over.  One day I saw a sign for monthly parking, and I went to inquire about it. Long story short, I had a spot within the week, and three years later I still do.

I was so happy with my spot, as you would imagine from me keeping it, that I began talking about it at work to my co-workers. I was encouraging some of my friends who I know hate parking to look into a spot. One day my boss overheard me, and asked where I parked. We began talking, and he confessed that he looked into monthly parking for business. He wanted to get parking spots for all the employees, but he never went through with it.

I started to email him information about monthly parking for business. He didn’t respond, so I started printing and leaving materials under his door. He still gave no response. One day everyone in the office got an email about our new parking spots across the street. I couldn’t be happier with my boss, and neither could the two workers who come in from Northern Jersey. Now they can drive. 

As it turns out the same company runs my work parking lot where I park for personal usage. I can say that GMC provides great parking lots that are run by friendly and competent people. The parking lots are clean the parking is easily accessible. If I ever needed to park anywhere in the city I would look for a GMC parking lot. Now that I know they exist I have been able to spot them all over the place.