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No One Could Talk You Out of It – You’re Driving Into Town – Now You Need to Find a Parking Garage in New York City

You’ve talked to a therapist and you were judged to be insane, but, what the heck, you’re still going to drive your own car into the Big Apple. Sure, you’re from Iowa, and it’s a long drive, but you’re sure when you arrive there will be a parking garage in Manhattan waiting for a dollar or two a day. Wrong. Leave the spare change back in Des Moines, and bring instead the kid’s college fund money so you can afford to pay for a premium parking garage in New York City. Maybe you thought parking in NYC would mean putting a few dimes in a curbside parking meter and you’d be good to go for the day. Wrong. Not only would your car be stolen if you left it on the street, there are very few parking meters in the big city. No, you need a parking garage in Manhattan or Queens or wherever you’re going to be in the city, and if you plan on staying awhile, look immediately into monthly parking in New York City.

Monthly Parking in New York City Still Isn’t Cheap – A Prime Parking Garage in Manhattan Could Have Your Kids Scrambling for Scholarship Money

Nobody could talk you out of it, not the shrink not anyone. You just had to drive into the city, which is fine, but you better locate a parking garage in New York City long before you arrive. It’s a long drive from Iowa, so when you’re in the motel, use your laptop to Google monthly parking in New York City. Do your homework on parking in NYC because it’s an art unto itself. Google a parking garage in Manhattan and see if you might want to head back to Des Moines. Monthly parking in NYC costs how much!? Little sticker shock there? Nobody ever said a parking garage in New York City was going to be cheap. Did they? Oh, well, too late now, you’re crossing the George Washington Bridge and you’ll need to find monthly parking in NYC or an overpriced parking garage in Manhattan pretty soon. Can’t back out now. Traffic on the bridge is one-way.

Did You Google Monthly Parking in NYC? Do You Know How to Find that Diamond Studded Parking Garage in Manhattan?

Hopefully, you did your homework and your faithful GPS will take you straight to that parking garage in Manhattan. Okay, so the place is a little pricey, and they don’t offer monthly parking in New York City, but that parking garage in NYC sure is convenient to your business meeting location and the hotel. Nobody said parking in NYC was going to be easy. Or did they? Did your shrink warn you about the cost of monthly parking in NYC? Oh, well, you’re here now, so drive on into that ritzy parking garage in Manhattan and live a little!