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Do You Know What to Look for in a Parking Garage New York City?

What could be so complicated about something as simple as a parking garage in NYC? You'd be surprised. Are you looking for a parking garage in New York City or are you looking for long-term car storage? We'll assume that you're searching for a parking garage in New York City that offers 24/7 access to your vehicle. Now, are you going to be in town for a few hours or a lifetime? In other words, are you looking for hourly, daily, weekly or monthly parking rates? Obviously, monthly parking offers lower costs, though, not as low as car storage. So, we've decided that you're looking for a 24/7 vehicle access parking garage in NYC. What's so complicated about that? Well, would you prefer above ground or below ground parking where your vehicle (and you) will be sheltered from the heat of summer and cold of winter? Most people prefer the latter. Most people prefer enclosed storage for long-term car storage as well, but, again, that's another story altogether.

What About Security in a Parking Garage in New York City? Weekly or Monthly Parking Rates Aside, Vehicle and Personal Safety Should Always be Considered

Whenever you're in a large urban area, vehicle security and personal safety should always be on your mind. Once again, when it comes to car storage or a 24/7 access parking garage in NYC, underground (or otherwise sheltered) facilities tend to offer greater levels of safety both for you and your vehicle. It isn't hard to find a parking garage in New York City that offers underground security that includes 24/7 video surveillance, as well as regular security guard foot patrols. All this added security will cost you more than an unattended, above ground parking garage in NYC (for example), but many people feel it's well worth the price. Monthly parking savings are fine, but be certain that you choose a secure parking garage in New York City (and the same holds true for long-term car storage).

Can You 'Afford' a Parking Garage in NYC? We Can Tell You It'll Cost a Lot More than Long-Term Car Storage – Monthly Parking Rates or Not

Nobody ever said a quality parking garage in New York City is going to be cheap, especially if you're used to putting some spare change in a meter back in Nebraska. Hold on to your Nebraska hat and wallet when you hear what you're going to have to pay for a safe and secure parking garage in NYC – it isn't going to be cheap, and you might have to send your kids to a college in Nebraska after you get your first monthly parking bill. You could always choose long-term car storage and take a taxi around town, but that doesn't make much sense. No, you might want to use the kid's college fund to pay for that super-secure, underground parking garage in New York City!