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What Would You Pay for a 'Great' Parking Garage in New York City?

Let's first define what constitutes a 'great' parking garage in New York City. And let's also mention (right off the bat) that you're going to have to pay a pretty penny for a 'great' parking garage in NYC. Unlike long-term car storage (not to be confused with monthly parking), a great parking garage in New York City will not be located out in the boonies of some Borough that's nowhere near where 'you' want to be. No, a great parking garage in NYC, first and foremost, is going to be located in the heart of Manhattan (for example) or conveniently located to serve your unique needs. Who cares if long-term car storage is out in the boonies? It's not like you're going to be accessing your vehicle every day. Again, we're not talking about monthly parking, which could easily be included in our definition of a 'great' parking garage NYC – nobody wants to pay by the 'hour' (get out the Gold Card) when they're going to be in town for an extended period of time.

Monthly Parking is One Way to Save Money on Your 'Great' Parking Garage in NYC – Money You're Going to 'Need' for Just About 'Any' Parking Garage New York City

Okay, so you have to cash in the kid's college fund to pay for your 'great' parking garage in New York City. Say 'what'? You bet, we're not talking bargain basement, long-term car storage here, we're talking 24/7/365 access to your vehicle in a safe and sheltered (underground) parking garage in NYC. Monthly parking or whatever, most people genuinely prefer an underground parking garage in New York City for obvious reasons. While some car storage companies leave vehicles outside and exposed to the elements, your 'great' parking garage in NYC wouldn't hear of such a thing. Sure, you can save money with monthly parking rates, but, if you're used to parking costs in Iowa, you better hang on to your hat when you hear what it's going to cost for your 'great' parking garage in New York City.

You're in the Big Apple – Did You Actually Expect a Parking Garage in New York City to be 'Cheap'? You Might Want to Go Back to Iowa or Look at Car Storage and Take the Bus

Watch out for sticker shock when you go shopping for a parking garage in NYC – if you have a weak heart, the price tag could prove fatal. We exaggerate a 'little' here, but not much, and even monthly parking in the heart of Times Square is going to cost a bundle. Count on it. So take your pick, affordable car storage out in the boonies or a 'great' super-secure, underground parking garage in New York City. It's your choice. Of course, you could skip the parking garage in NYC by leaving your car in Iowa. Happy hunting!