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What Should 'You' Know About Corporate Parking New York?

If you ask around, you'll hear different people say different things about the term 'corporate parking in New York'. When you think about a parking garage in New York City, most people tend to think of daily, weekly or monthly parking, but the term corporate parking in New York doesn't immediately pop into their head. What do 'you' think about when you hear the term 'corporate parking in New York'? Do you think it means that an entire parking garage in NYC is reserved for the employees of a large corporation? Do you think corporate parking in New York means just a few coveted parking slots for a corporation's VIP executives and visiting guests? Some might say that corporate parking in New York could mean 'fleet parking' for companies that utilize a large number of vehicles for various purposes. Corporate parking in New York would (typically) not apply to fleet parking for rental car companies that usually own or lease their own parking facilities.

What Does Corporate Parking NY Mean to You? Are 'You' a VIP Who Gets to Enjoy the Luxury of Corporate Parking in New York?

Congratulations if you've made it to the top of the corporate ladder and now get to enjoy the convenience and ultimate status of corporate parking in New York. You have your very own slot right next to the elevator. What more could you ask for in corporate parking in New York? You got a big pay raise to go with that parking slot (not to mention that corner office with the great view). We guess you could say you've really made it when you get to enjoy the super perk of corporate parking in New York. Of course, everybody else at the firm is jealous because they wanted that VP spot (not to mention that much-coveted parking slot). But, it's all yours and you get to tell your friends that you're a proud member of an elite club that only allows members who enjoy corporate parking in New York. Be patient, your day will come.

New York Corporate Parking Comes at a Premium Price – 'Big Apple' Corporate Parking in New York Isn't for the 'Budget Minded'

Who said that living in the 'Greatest City in the World' was supposed to be cheap? Nobody we know because there isn't much in this town that doesn't cost a small fortune, and corporate parking in New York is hardly an exception. Nope, you can expect to pay a 'pretty penny' (tons of them actually) for premium location (the heart of Times Square or a block off Wall Street) corporate parking in New York City. But that's okay, because we all know corporations are raking in the cash big time these days (especially the banks). Yes, everyone has their own opinion about corporate parking in New York, but that's the beauty of the 'Apple'!