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Monthly Parking Equals Discount Parking

There's no doubt about it, when it comes to a parking garage in New York City, monthly parking rates could just as easily be called discount parking rates. If you pay by the hour or the day (for example) in a parking garage in NYC, it could cost you a small fortune if you were to multiply that rate for a period of thirty days (meaning monthly parking terms). Wow! Those hourly or daily (or even weekly) rates really add up when you compare them to monthly parking rates just about anywhere in the Big Apple. Of course, car storage in New York offers the lowest possible rate, but you won't have easy or 24/7 access to your vehicle. So, if you're going to be in town for an extended period of time because you insanely drove your own car here from Des Moines, monthly parking rates will definitely save you some serious coin, which is why we like to think of monthly parking as discount parking and so will you. How much can you save with monthly parking? It's impossible to give you an accurate dollar figure because discount parking (monthly parking) rates vary greatly depending on a number of factors. Are we talking about monthly parking in an underground or above ground garage? Underground parking is typically preferred by most folks because it protects their vehicle and its owners from the weather and generally offers greater security. So discount parking rates in an above ground garage will generally be lower than monthly parking rates below ground.

What Else Affects Monthly Parking Rates? What Else Should You Know When Searching for Discount Parking in the Big Apple?

You wouldn't think monthly parking or discount parking would be so complicated, but it can be. Where in the five Boroughs do you need monthly parking or discount parking rates? Why do we ask, you say? Well, since you're from Iowa, we'll let you slide, but monthly parking rates in the heart of Times Square will surely exceed any discount parking rates out in the boonies of the Bronx. Location, location, location is key to monthly parking rates, which is why discount parking is harder to find right around the corner of Wall Street (as another example).

Search the Web for Great car storage – the Internet is Your Obvious Choice When Searching for the Best Discount Parking Rates

As with everything else these days, you can Google monthly parking rates to find the best discount parking in any part of town. Yes, most parking facilities have some sort of Web listing or contact info, which means you can always shop monthly parking rates to your heart's content. Check the Internet for the best monthly parking offerings and then contact the garage to book your parking spot early. Yes, discount parking garage new york city can be in great demand and an early reservation is always a good idea. Happy hunting for your best monthly parking deal!