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A Lack of Available Spaces in NYC

The streets of NYC are changing from year to year, and now they are looking noticeably different. For instance, take a walk through the new Time Square that was unveiled by the Bloomberg administration in 2009. Several blocks in the area have been shut down to car traffic, and so it is impossible to drive through and park in this area. Similar things are happening around the city, and many of these changes make the lives or car drivers that much more challenging.

According to the Travel Channel and many other sources, NYC is becoming one of the friendliest cities for biking. As a result, the city is building and expanding bike lanes. Riders very much welcome the expansions throughout the city, but unfortunately to create these paths many parking spaces have to be sacrificed. The new Citi Bike program takes parking spots as well. As the program grows in popularity, more bikes and parking stations are added to the city. Stations are usually located on the street, and so they will take up even more parking spots throughout the city.

As fewer spots become available for individuals, it is important to try and circumvent the problem of finding a legal space for your vehicle. We offer discount parking throughout NYC as a means to help alleviate the pressure of parking in Manhattan. We provide top-quality parking garages in NYC.