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Alternate Side Parking and Street Cleaning Rules

Two of the most important types of street parking rules to understand are alternate side parking rules and street cleaning rules. There are signs posted throughout the city regarding street cleaning rules, but it is important to know that signs change from street to street and avenue to avenue. Learning about these rules and how to read the signs before bringing a car to NYC will surely lessen anxiety levels. Parking in NYC is very stressful. A quick option to avoid the stress of finding a spot is to find a parking garage in NYC.

The rules regarding alternate side parking are confusing, and so the city of New York created a frequently asked question list. Reading up on these questions can help you to avoid parking illegally. Normally, cars get towed when breaking alternate side parking laws.

With auto storage NYC, you can avoid:

  • The stress of finding a spot
  • Having to understand confusing signage
  • Potential harm to your car from pedestrians and other cars
  • Having to wake up early in the morning to move your car because of street cleaning

Consider a parking garage NYC next time you drive your car to the city.