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Are Municipal Parking Lots and Garages Worth It?

When it comes to parking your car or truck in New York City, you have many options that all offer pros and cons. Street parking is terrible and if done wrong can have your car towed, so some individuals prefer to park somewhere this is much less likely to happen. With street parking off the table, individuals have two main options: municipal parking lots and private parking garages in NYC.

Municipal lots:

  • They are few and far between in the borough of Manhattan. Consider there are fewer options for parking, there will be fewer options for spots.
  • These lots are only sometimes cheaper. Depending on the lot you choose, the pricing will vary. For the East 149th street garage, you will pay $5 for the first hour and then $1.50 for each hour after. Our parking garages have parking deals that are close to if not better than the prices and times above.
  • Public city lots have allotted time limits. At the Belmont municipal parking field, individuals must move their car within three hours, or they will be ticketed or towed.
  • Only some public lots have monthly parking in NYC. Space is limited at these lots, and so usually you will find long wait lists.

Although there are benefits of using municipal lots, there are many cons as well. This needs to be considered when making your parking decisions. Our auto storage in NYC is friendly, affordable, and safe for your car. We even offer monthly parking New York. For more information about parking, give us a call.