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Avoid getting your Car Towed

Parking a car in a major city like Manhattan can be a nightmare as a result of limited spaces and a good deal of parking laws. When you do find a good free public parking spot, usually it requires paying a meter or moving the car after a few hours. The NYC DOT has created a website that allows people to fully understand the meaning of the various parking signs that adorn the streets of NYC. They did this to help drivers to park legally without getting ticketed or towed.

For those who have never had their car towed, it is a good idea to keep avoiding that situation.  No matter how good of a time you had in the city, having to pick up a towed car will ruin your great experience. Imagine that you came into the city with friends to see a band you all enjoy.  No matter how good the show was, if your car gets towed that is all you'll remember. Avoiding this situation will save you time, money, and will keep you sane.

Cars can get towed for two separate reasons: first, for illegally parking your car; second, for owing more than $350.00 in outstanding tickets.

Finding out that your car has been towed is the first unpleasant step in a series of unpleasant steps. After coming to terms with the fact that your car has been towed, you must first figure out where the city took your car. The DOT provides a website that a person can use to help locate their car. The website is extremely beneficial in terms of helping you find your car, how much money you owe, and different payment options. You have to know your license plate numbers/letters in order to use the site. If you do not know the number/letters, you will have to contact 311 for help.

Know that it takes time for your car to be entered into the NYC database. You might not be able to find your car right away because the city has not registered where it is. After two hours, if you haven't been able to find your car, you can call a local police prescient.

The whole process of having a car towed and getting it back can be a nightmare. It is easily avoidable if you choose to use paid garages or parking lots. A parking garage in NYC will allow people to park close to where they need to be, while keeping cars safe from theft, damage, and towing. Parking in NYC doesn't have to be hard.