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Avoiding Problems Associated with Parking Meters

Parking in NYC is by no means easy. There are limited amounts of legal parking spots, but that problem is just the tip of the iceberg. One of the most pervasive and confusing parking issues is related to NYC parking meters. NYC has recently moved to a new system of monitoring timed parking, and it comes with a slew of problems. recently published the most common complaints associated with parking meters. This includes:

  • Knocked over meters
  • Defaced (graffiti) meters
  • Credit card and parking card readers not reading cards
  • Incorrect time
  • No printed receipts
  • The computer screen is blank
  • Missing meters
  • Credit card stuck in meter

The website gives full information on how to deal with all the above common problems. They even provide information that helps people get refunds.

Finding a metered spot comes with a lot of problems. An easy way to avoid the above problems is to find a parking garage in NYC. Private parking garages and lots are safe, located all over the city, and don't require you to continually feed a meter. Spending the money for a parking garage NYC is will make your time in the city hassle free.