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Be Careful Parking in School Zones

Decent, legal parking spots are hard to come by when driving in New York City. Outer boroughs, like Staten Island, have more available parking than in Manhattan. When bringing a car into NYC, one must be aware of the difficulties associated with parking. First, drivers must find an open spot, and then they must make sure the sign meets their needs. If a person is planning to spend a full day in Manhattan, then one-hour metered parking would not be ideal. In many cases, individuals will see open spaces but no parked cars. Instead, they will find a sign with confusing language. One of the most confusing parking regulations relates to parking in school zones.

When can a person park in a school zone without getting a ticket or towed?

Parking in school zones is allowed when school is in recess, meaning that parking is legal when no one is in school. Schools close, but teachers and staff can still be inside working. School is supposed to be off for summer, but some schools have summer classes or programs. You can call a school to find out if they are in recess. If a school is closed for kids, it still might be open to adults. Make sure that the school is closed, and no activities are going on.

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