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Best Areas for Monthly Parking in NYC

Parking Garage NYCOwning a vehicle in NYC can be difficult if you do not have a consistent solution for legal and inexpensive parking. There are a fortunate few who have driveways, and so for them, parking is an afterthought. Some people who live far from busy areas have ample street parking, but those people are few and far between in NYC. The best parking solution for most people is to acquire a monthly parking space. A parking garage in NYC will be able to help. Are you currently looking for monthly parking?

If you answered yes, you might already know that some spaces can cost more than others. One of the most significant factors for determining price is the location of the lot. Individuals can save money if they park at a lot in a less expensive area.

The Upper East Side (above 90th Street) is one of the least expensive places, with average rates of $250 per month. The prices in Hell’s Kitchen are similar, averaging $275 monthly. Midtown Manhattan (around 33rd Street) is moderately priced in the city; some lots charge $450. If you can, try to avoid spots in SoHo, because starting rates for spots begin at $530 a month.

We have garages and lots throughout NYC, and we have a monthly parking spot that will fit your needs and budget. For more information about monthly parking NYC, let us be your first call.


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