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Changing Laws in NYC

When driving in New York City, there are many rules that one needs to be conscious of. Whether you're driving around the five boroughs or determining if the parking space you've found is legal, the laws are ever changing.

Vision Zero is a new initiative that's working to make driving in New York City safer for both drivers and pedestrians. Vision Zero's main effort is to lower the city's default speed limit from 30mph to 25mph.

The Vision Zero campaign came into effect in 2014. The new speed limits focused on side streets that currently had no speed limit sign posted. The streets with a 30mph speed limit sign remained the same. Now, the Department of Transportation has posted over 4,500-speed limit signs labeled 25mph.

The city also has several rules and regulations when it comes to parking. Violating any of them can come with a hefty fee. If you want to bypass the chance of being hit with a parking ticket, it’s best to use a private parking garage in NYC.

Alternate side parking regulations are set in place in the city to allow for street cleaning. Streets that have alternate side parking rules are marked with signs displaying a “P” crossed with a broom. The times and days of the street cleaning vary with each location. If you were planning to leave a car parked on the street for an extended period, it’s very likely you’ll come back to heavy fines from violating alternate side parking rules. It’s best to leave you car in a private autostorage NYC to avoid any penalties.

Finding parking in New York City is not easy. Even if you find an available spot, it can come with a lot of unexpected fines. To avoid penalties, the best option for city drivers is to utilize a private parking garage NYC.