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Changing Parking Regulations in New York City

Parking in NYC is not easy -- whether you are a long time resident or a tourist. There never seems to be a convenient spot when you need one. When you do find a good spot, you are worried that you may be the victim of a quick hit and run leaving a small dent or scratch on the side or bumper of your vehicle. You can certainly try a parking garage in NYC, as those are a much safer alternative to crossing your fingers and hoping that your car will make it through your quick run into your favorite department store.

The Alternate Side of the Street Parking Dance

Alternate side of the street parking rules prohibits parking on one side of the street on certain days during a 3-hour time period. This allows for street cleaning crew to quickly and easily come in and do their job. As a result, New Yorkers are forced to move their vehicles up to 2 to 3 times per week to keep in compliance. Penalties for not moving your vehicle can mean fines of up to $65 and towing.

Will Parking in NYC Ever Get Any Easier?

New Yorkers may be able to look forward to one thing that may offer some relief from the back and forth activity on alternate side of the street parking days. There is legislation in the works that may allow drivers to legally take a parking spot once the street sweepers have passed by. This means no more lurking in your car counting down the minutes to when alternate side of the street parking rules are no longer in effect, fighting busy traffic and other lurkers eyeing the same exact parking spot you are. Councilman Rodriguez from Manhattan has been working on a bill since 2010. There are several reasons why it may not have passed yet including:

  1. New York City receives a significant amount of revenue from parking tickets written when alternate side of the street parking rules is in effect.
  2. There may be problems in letting the traffic enforcement agent know that the sanitation workers have already passed. This may cause discrepancies in knowing who should get a ticket and who should not.


We have hope that this new law will come into effect during our lifetimes. Until then, the parking garage in NYC is still a safe bet.

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