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Common Misconceptions about Parking in NYC

Parking Garage New York CityParking a car or van in NYC is without a doubt difficult. In some cases, lucky individuals will find a legal spot with relative ease, but usually that is not the case. In many instances, people make mistakes while parking on public roads. These mistakes will cost you time and money. Below, we compiled a small list of common errors people make when bringing their car to Manhattan.

What is the official rule for parking near a bus stop? People claim that parking starts at the bus stop sign and extends out until the closest fire hydrant or driveway. This is not accurate. The truth is that you cannot park in the area between the bus stop and the next parking sign. If there is no parking sign, then the bus stop extends to the end of the block. Do not make a mistake, because you could get ticketed or towed.

You do have a small grace period between parking and getting and showing a muni-ticket. The official time is five minutes. If it takes you more than five minutes to get back to you car after buying a ticket, you could still get a parking violation.

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