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Curbs, Hydrants, and Driveways: Proper Parking

It is a wonderful feeling to find a legit, legal parking spot in NYC. It is not uncommon for individuals to have to search for upwards of thirty minutes, and sometimes then the search is to no avail. There is a feeling of accomplishment and victory when a spot is found. The feeling that your car is in a safe, legal spot will keep you feeling good all night, but what if you are uncertain about the legality of the spot? This will only leave you feeling confused and frustrated. There are few worse experiences than returning to your car to find that it has been towed. The most confusing part of parking in NYC is curb cuts, driveways, and fire hydrants.

Although you will see cars near hydrants, the official NYC DOT rule is that you must clear 15 feet of space between your car and a fire hydrant. If you want to make sure you car does not get towed, make sure there is ample room between your car and the hydrant.

The city is working on painting sidewalks near driveways and curb cuts to indicate you should not park there. It is imperative to look for curb cuts and driveways.  There should be at least 6 inches between your car and the curb cut.

In order to make sure your car is parked legally, check all your surroundings. Another option is auto storage NYC. The money you pay for a parking garage NYC will keep your car safe and your mind at easy.