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Differences Between Parking Garages and Parking Lots

Looking for a spot in New York City is never easy. At times, NYC drivers can find themselves driving around for an extended period looking for a spot and still come up empty. Because of the difficulty, many drivers decide to use a parking garage NYC.

When it comes to discount parking NYC, there are many options. There is an abundance of parking garages and parking lots around New York City to help make parking a little easier for drivers. But what is the difference between a parking lot and a parking garage? What is the better option when looking to park your car?

The main difference between a parking lot and parking garage is the area space. A parking lot is typically one level with a durable parking surface. A parking garage is multiple floors. Parking garages are buildings specifically designed for automobile parking.

A parking lot will take up a lot of space since it is one level. Parking lots are mainly found connected to shopping malls and centers. In many cases, the parking lot will take up more space than the shopping center it services.

Since a parking garage is multilevel, it does not take up as much space. It is built into a building and can consist of several floors. In some cases, a parking garage is connected to a shopping center. However, in most cases, they stand alone.