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Difficulties Parking in NYC and How to Avoid Those Problems

Parking in New York City is a hassle. Because the city is so congested and filled with pedestrians and drivers, those looking for spots can find themselves dealing with multiple issues.

The number one problem that drivers face is trying to find an open and legal spot. Finding an available spot is tough. If drivers do find an open spot, then they need to determine if the spot is legal. While driving in the city, you will notice that many of the spots come with rules and restrictions.

discount parking NYC and ManhattanAll of the boroughs, aside from Staten Island, have alternate side parking. Alternate side parking is when certain sides of the street are cleaned. While they are cleaned, parking on the street is not legal.

If the spot is legal, it will most likely come with a fee. Most spots in the city come with time restrictions. In many cases, you can only park for an hour at a time before needing to put more money in the meter.

While parking in New York City comes with a host of problems, there is a way to avoid them. One of the best ways to avoid several of the city’s parking issues is to leave your car in a parking garage NYC. Parking in a lot allows drivers to avoid driving around for an extended period looking for a spot.

Additionally, lots allow for discount parking NYC, Manhattan parking garages will have deals for drivers if you park at certain times of the day.

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