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Discount Parking in NYC

Parking in New York City is not only hard; it can be incredibly expensive as well. Finding a spot on the sidewalk is almost impossible. If you do find a place to park, there is a chance that it is not a legal spot or that it can wind up costing a ton with the meter. New York drivers are always looking for discount parking NYC, especially if they commute to the city every day. The fees from a parking garage NYC can add up. Luckily, there are things New Yorkers can do to decrease their parking costs.

A recent study shows that the average monthly cost of parking in NYC is $430. That is a lot of money. New Yorkers want to save money any way that they can. This price does vary depending on the time and location. Areas with popular tourist attractions will cost more money. Additionally, parking early in the morning or later at night will reduce the price of parking.

Another thing to consider when looking for discount parking NYC is the size of your vehicle. Larger cars tend to cost the most. For example, a parking garage on 43rd Street will charge $100 more for parking an SUV instead of a regular size vehicle.

New York City drivers should take advantage of parking coupons whenever they can. Several parking companies in the city offer coupon programs to make parking a little cheaper for drivers. Icon, Standard, iPark, Edison Park Fast, and Manhattan Parking Group are all companies that offer coupons to patrons.