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Do I need to pay for Parking in NYC?

The simple answer to the above question is no. No, you do not have to spend money to park a car in NYC, but in a good deal of cases it will be highly unlikely that you do not have too. The better question to ask is should I pay for parking in NYC? This answer isn't as black and white, and so it requires an individual to think about their wants and needs. The rest of the article will be broken up into two parts: one section for monthly parking, and another section for hourly and overnight parking.

Monthly parking:

Some people love living in the city, but absolutely require a car: whether it is for fun, family, or work. If you are moving to the city you will find out that parking is not as easy as you might like. There are spots, but there are more people wanting spots than there are spots available. This could lead you on wild searches for spots that ended up with you several block away from where you want to be. There are even confusing and annoying streets signs that can also make street parking a nightmare. Paying for a monthly parking spot guarantees you a spot in a local NYC parking garage. Is the money that you will spend monthly worth the piece of mind and easy convince to your car?

Hourly parking:

There is less of a need to pay for hourly parking because you have a great deal more options for parking spaces if your only need a few hours: overnight is a slightly different story. If you do want to park on the street make sure you bring money to pay meters. You will also have to make sure that your meter doesn't expire. A ticket in NYC can be pricy. Finding a parking spot on the street for a few hours won't be as hard, but you must also deal with the issues of your car being damaged. The most common accident is people bumping cars when pulling in and out of spots, but it is not unheard of that biker takes off a side view mirror while riding too close to a car.

Finding a parking garage in New York City can give you piece of mind, as well as making your life more convenient. Go online before bringing your car to the city and find the best parking in NYC at the best rates.