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How to find the best Parking Garage in NYC

Finding a parking garage in any city is tricky. Finding a Parking Garage in NYC is even harder. Most cities do not have the congestion that NYC has. The amount of space for parking to the amount of cars is so under proportioned it is near impossible to find a legal street parking space in NYC. To make matters worse. The commercial parking takes over the streets of NYC for most of the day. The truck and delivery parking takes up most of the legal street parking.

What is a car driver supposed to do? Find a parking garage. There are a few points to look at when looking for the right garage.

  • Location
  • Price
  • Availability
  • Acesss

Finding the right location is easily done with todays Apps. Many smart phones have apps that will give you the location of the garage closest to your final destination. If you can prepare before hand by searching Google, you will get Google maps which can show all the Parking garages in NYC.

The price you pay can be found on the individual web sites. Once you have picked a location near your final destination you can search each individual garages web sites for price. Be sure to see if there are weekend prices or different day and evening rates.

Make sure the lot you choose is open when you need it to be. If you are arriving early in the AM will the lot be open?? If you are going to stay late into the evening will the garage be open when you need to retrieve your car? Important questions that needto be answered befeore you make a decision.

One area of thought when making your decision where to park that is often left out is, if I need to use the car during the day and then bring the car back to the garage is there additional costs? Parking garages call this in and out service. Will you need in and out service? Is there an addition charge for the service?? One garage may offer the service with no additional cost while others charge.

So when looking for a parking garage in NYC , Know what you needs will be to help make the best decision for you car parking needs.

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