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How to Pay for a Parking Ticket in NYC

Nothing can ruin a New Yorker’s day more than going to their car and finding a parking ticket sitting on the windshield. It’s never fun to discover that coveted spot was illegal and being hit with a hefty fine.

Now you’re faced with the dilemma of paying the ticket. Luckily, the city has set up several options for city dwellers to pay their fines.

One way to pay a parking ticket, and probably the easiest, is online. You pay online by going to the NYC311 website and choosing the “Pay a Parking Ticket” option. You will be prompted to enter your violation number. If you do not have the violation number, then the license plate, state the car is registered, and car type will pull up the number.

Once the violation is pulled up, the next step is to make a payment. You can pay the penalty with eCheck or credit card. If a credit card is used, a fee of 2.49% of the payment amount is added to the total.

Paying through the mail is another option when you get a ticket. The instructions on how to pay using this method will be on the back of the orange envelope. You may mail out a check or money order with the full amount of your ticket.

While the City has made it easier than ever for residents to pay tickets, most City dwellers would prefer to avoid tickets altogether. Many tickets are a result of illegal parking. The best way to avoid this is by using a private parking garage in NYC. A parking garage NYC will ensure that you won’t come back to an orange envelope on your windshield due to illegal parking.       

Private parking garages are especially useful if you’re parking long term.  When parking long term on a City street, it’s difficult to avoid alternate side parking penalties. Consider using an autostorage NYC to avoid being hit with hefty fines when you come back.