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Important tips for bring cars to NYC

For those who have never driven in NYC, it is important to note that it is different than driving most any other place in the United States. NYC drivers learn very quickly just how scary driving in NYC can be. Any NYC driver can attest to this. Sometimes, your car is the only way for you to get to the city, and sometimes its just convenient. Just because driving in the city is different, and can at times be scary, doesn't mean that driving in Manhattan should be off limits.

The first thing you need to do before bringing your car across one of the many bridges or tunnels is to relax and take a breath. It is not harder to drive in NYC, and if you are comfortable and confident behind the wheel, there is absolutely nothing to worry about. Trust in your abilities!

It is important to try and follow speed limits as best as you can. In certain areas you may even want to slow down slightly below the limit. Considering the amount of cars, people, and bicycles, you will want to slow down so that you are in total control. If you need to stop, it is much easier when going at a slower pace. The speed limit throughout most of NYC is 30 Mph.

Using all three of your mirrors is another important thing to keep in mind. When driving in the city, you need to be hyper-vigilant of your surroundings at all time: the front, both sides, and the back.

Parking can also be a nightmare in NYC. Don't struggle or hassle with street parking when a parking garage in New York City is the easiest option. Parking in NYC is rough, but for you it doesn't have to be.

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