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Learning the Ins and Outs of Parking in NYC

One trip to Manhattan, or its outer boroughs, is enough to understand that there is a problem of too many vehicles and not enough parking spots. According to, they claim that although New Yorkers are driving less, the rate of ownership has gone up 2% over the last decade. 46% of NYC households own cars, according to Census data that was collected between 2005-2009. That is up 2% from 44% in 2000. It is estimated that in this time 120,000 more cars are in Brooklyn, Bronx, Manhattan, and other boroughs. Out of all five boroughs, Bronx residents have seen the most significant uptick of car ownership. The worst affected areas are:

  •  Fordham
  •  Morris Heights
  •  Mott Haven
  •  Soundview

As this growing trend continues, it creates a slew of subsequent problems that drivers need to be aware of.

One of the most significant growing problems is the number of car accidents throughout the city. The NYPD released a motor vehicle collision report (August 2018) that covers statistics through the city. The total number of car/truck/van collisions came to 19,272. In total, 2,392 motorists were injured, and ten were killed because of vehicle collisions. 696 pedestrians were injured, and three were killed. As more cars enter the city, the likelihood of accidents will continue to grow. Keeping your car off the street will reduce the likelihood of an accident happening while parked.Parking garage in NYC

Another big problem is the shrinking amount of parking spots that are available to drivers. Areas with legal parking are being altered and used for different purposes (i.e., bike lanes, Citi bikes, and public walking spaces). Since 1982, there has been a slow dismantling of available parking. According to, in their recent Manhattan Core Parking Study, they claim that in 1982 there were 127,000 spaces, wherein 2010 the number was reduced to 102,000. This problem is seen most when traveling below 60th street.

To help fill the void of missing parking spaces, parking lots and garages are popping up throughout all neighborhoods of the city, including Brooklyn Heights, Hell’s Kitchen, and Chelsea. We offer hourly, daily, and monthly parking at our garages and lots throughout New York City. Using our garages for daily or monthly parking can help you have easier access to this fantastic city!

Considering there are limited spots in the city, many drives spend extended periods of time driving in circles and hoping for the best. According to, on average, a New Yorker will spend over 100 hours (per year) just searching for a spot. Finding spots can cost someone over four days, which is the time you cannot get back.

The cost of parking in a lot or garage is more expensive than free, street parking, but in the long run paid parking can save time and money. Most New York inhabitants recognize that time is money. How much money will you lose by not working for four days? In many cases, it makes more sense to pay for parking so that you can work and make money. How many times can you be late for your job (because of parking) before your boss starts to get angry and annoyed.

New York City needs to make money, and one of the ways they go about this is by issuing parking tickets. In 2013, The Daily News published a report titled, “City Set to Collect $550 Million in Parking Tickets this Year,” which is the frightening damnation of NYC’s aggressive ticketing policies. NYC’s DOT (department of transportation) has confusing signage that discusses parking policies. These signs are easy to misunderstand, which cause people to get tickets for silly reasons. Parking in a garage will cost a few dollars, but it will ensure that your car will not be ticketed or towed. When your car gets towed for illegal parking, individuals will be spending more than $400 in fines and fees.

It is common for vehicles to be damaged while parked on the street. For instance, parallel parking is responsible for many cracks, scratched, and broken bumpers and fenders. Bike messengers have been known to take off side view mirrors when riding. Also, there are criminals in the city who could benefit from stealing your car or the things inside of it. Keep your car safe at one of our garages.

If you are looking for an affordable, accessible, and safe parking garage in NYC, turn to us. We have locations throughout Manhattan.

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