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Parking Classic Cars in Manhattan

The streets of Manhattan can be rough and tough. For anyone who has driven or walked in the city, you know that foot, bike, and car traffic is almost consistent. When traveling the streets of New York, you must be cautious, and this could not be truer than when trying to park your vintage car on a city street. There is something special about driving through the city in a beautiful, classic car, but coming to the city comes with inherent dangers to the vehicle. Monthly Parking in NYCSpending extra care and money when parking can help to keep your cherished possession safe.

When parking at one of our garages or parking lots in NYC, you will be getting:

  1. 1、24/7 surveillance of your vehicle. Some of our garages are manned 24 hours a day, and we also have security cameras throughout our facilities. Your car will be safe with us
  2. 2、We will not move your vehicle unless an emergency arises. In certain lots, you can park the car yourself and know that it will not be touched in your absence.
  3. 3、We offer monthly parking in Manhattan, which means that you can have a safe spot with easy access at your disposal.
  4. 4、We have insurance in case anything does happen in our location; you can rest assured that we can cover any faults.

Do not let the dangers of parking a classic car in NYC deter you from coming. Our lots and garages throughout NYC are set up to protect your classic car.


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