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Not All Hotels Provide Parking for Guests

Spending the night or a weekend in NYC can be magical. You will be staying in one of the busiest and most lively places on the planet. There are almost an endless amount of shows, restaurants, attractions, and sights to keep you going all day and night. Planning what you will be doing with your time is fun, but what about planning transportation? Getting around the city with the MTA is simple but getting into the city is a different story.

It is important to plan how you’ll get into the city so that you do not run into any surprises. For instance, one might think that a hotel provides parking for its guests. Yes, when a hotel has a large property it can build a parking lot, but hotels in the city do not have that luxury. If you will be driving your car into NYC, consider doing one of two things first.

  1. Find a hotel that specifically advertises free or accessible parking
  2. Take of look at our map of parking lots and parking garages and find a lot near where you’re staying

We offer special deals at many of our lots for overnight or extended stays. This includes overnight and monthly parking NYC. For more information about finding a parking garage in NYC, please give us a call today.