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NYC Parking Hazards

Going out in NYC can be expensive, and as a result, individuals try and cut corners where they can. They may try and find cheaper restaurants, avoid doing certain things, and will opt for public, street parking. Sometimes, paying extra money ensures that you will get excellent food, be entertained, and have safe parking. For parking alone, there are so many problems that can occur. This includes:

  1. Towing and ticketing: these are the two most common problems that people face when parking on the streets of Manhattan. In New York City, parking signs are confusing, parking meters run out, and sometimes people park just a bit too close to hydrants. There are few worse things than finding your car has been towed by the City. It is a terrible inconvenience, and it can cost individuals over 300 dollars in tickets, taxes, and fee. 
  2. Keep your car safe: New York City is busy with all sorts of life. Parking on the street leaves your vehicle vulnerable to accidents and theft. It is not unheard of for a biker to stretch a car or by accident take off a side view mirror. Depending on where you are parked, you may even find individual sitting or leaning on your car. At our garages and lots, your car, truck, or van is protected and safe.

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