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NYC Parking Laws and Regulations

Parking in NYC has many regulations that all people and businesses must follow. These rules and regulations include public parking spots on the streets, valet parking, and private parking garages and lots.  The rules are set up to keep the streets clean and safe, but the rules also help to keep cars safe from vandalism, theft, and accidents. In this article, we will be focusing our attention on private parking lots and garages in NYC.

Not all garages or parking lots need to get a parking lot license, but few of these types of garages exist. A private lot or garage that houses four or less cars (for profit) is exempt from license rules. The license that is required by most garages and lots in NYC makes sure that all the businesses are fully aware that they must completely comply with all federal, state, and city rules (this includes consumer protections laws).

A lot or garage that has 50 plus spots for cars must also provide designated and safe bicycle parking spots (some companies are able to be exempt from these rules. If exempt, they should be able to provide a waiver or proof of exemption). The rule is that one spot for a bike must be made available for every ten cars (up to 200 cars). The bikes must be secured on a bike rack or a specially built holding area.

Each garage and lots that is licensed must carry personal and property liability insurance. A copy of proof of insurance is to be made available to customers who care to see it. The certificate of insurance should have the city name as well as the name of the certificate holder. The DCA has determined how much coverage each company has to carry. If a plan changes or is canceled then a company must notify the DCA.

    1. personal injury accident = $300,000
    2. personal injury person = $100,000
    3. property damage accident= $25,000
    4. combined single limit = $325,000

Companies must renew their licenses every two years. This reapplication allows the DCA to be on top of all garages and lots, so that they can make sure business is being done fairly. When you find a company who has all their licensing and insurance in order, you can know that you are dealing with a company who follows federal, state, and city parking and consumer rights laws and regulations

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