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NYC Parking Regulations

It might seem nerve-wracking to drop off your car with a stranger in a strange place, but when using a parking garage in NYC, you have nothing to fear. Local NYC government has created strict regulations for parking garages and parking lots, which are designed to protect customers and their property.

Any lot or garage that houses five or more vehicles for profit must acquire a garage or parking lot license from the city. To get the permit, a business must comply with rules and regulations set forth by the federal, state, and local government. For instance, a licensed garage or lot will have:

  1. Bike parking (or an exemption permit) if the facility houses more than 50+ vehicles.
  2. Submitted hours of operation and specific parking costs.
  3. To carry both property and personal liability insurance. Valid copies of insurance certification must be presented to the city.
  4. To renew a license every two years.
  5. To ensure clear and proper signage for pricing and vehicle restrictions.

New York City requires that all parking garages and lots are run to a high standard. At GMC we do not merely meet standards, but instead, we go beyond them. Our facilities are clean, friendly, fair-priced, and located in central areas. Consider GMC parking the next time you bring your car to the city.