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Owning a Car in NYC

If you are moving to the NYC area and you have a car, you may want to consider whether you should be bringing it with your or not. For every perk that is associated with having a car in the city, it seems that there is a con. In order to best make this decision, you should consider the amount that you will use the car and then think about potentially replacing using the car with other modes of transportation. If you work locally, do not travel much, and do not have kids, it is very possible to supplement having a car with owning a bike and a monthly metro card.

You may want to bring your car to the City if you:

  • Go on local trips on the weekend
  • Chaperon more than two children
  • Travel for work
  • Frequently move large items (musical equipment, sporting equipment, work supplies)

If after thinking long and hard you resolve to bring your car with you, you should strongly consider investing in auto storage NYC. Having a private parking spot in a local parking garage in NYC will make bringing your car simple and hassle free.

Make your decision wisely.