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Save Money on Monthly Parking with the Manhattan Resident Parking Tax Exemption

Living in NYC is not cheap. Those who make a life there must worry about rent, high taxes, and expensive goods/services. Savvy New Yorkers know how to save money on their necessities. Parking Garage NYCSaving a little money here and there can add up when living in Manhattan. For those living in the city with a car, special considerations should be made to help make keeping the car practical and inexpensive.

A convenient way to save cash while parking in NYC is to apply for the city’s resident parking tax exemption. This exemption will lower the tax individuals pay when renting a parking space. On average, taxes are reduced by 8%. Currently, in NYC, the tax for parking spaces is 18.37% so the exemption will lower individual rates to 10%.

Applying is easy, and the eligibility requirements are not hard to meet. To get the exemption, you must:

  1. Own a car
  2. Have the car registered to Manhattan
  3. Use exemption for monthly parking
  4. Use your car for personal use

Applying for this exemption will help Manhattan residents save money while keeping their vehicles safe in monthly parking garages in NYC. We have garages and lots throughout NYC, and we also have great hourly, overnight, and monthly parking rates.



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