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Confusing Street Signs Explained

Have you ever tried parking a vehicle in Manhattan and then quickly became confused by the parking regulation signs that differ from street to street and avenue to avenue? If you answered yes, please know that you are not alone. There are a lot of city dwellers and tourists who have been ticketed or towed because they misread one of those confusing signs.Monthly parking garages in Manhattan

The most important rule to be aware of is alternate side parking rules. These rules dictate which side of the street people can park on. The city does this to keep traffic moving smoothly and for street cleaning. Each street will have different days and times for when it is okay to park. Although it seems natural and obvious, the city is still able to make a good deal of money. A street cleaning ticket ranges between $45 and 65$ (depending on the location of the citation), and in 2016 the city took in roughly 440 million dollars from these fines. A street cleaning sign has a red P inside a circle with a broom going across the P.

A no parking signs mean what they say. You can stop in this area to load and unload a car, or to pick up a passenger, but you can never park there.

Sometimes no parking signs have days and times. You may not park there between specific times on specific days. If you leave your car in that spot at the wrong time, you can get a ticket or towed.

No standing means no parking, no pulling over, and no waiting for a passenger. Do not put your car in these areas.

If you are in a car, you are not driving a commercial vehicle. Some parking areas are only for trucks making delivers.

Avoid the confusing signs and park with us. If you live in the city, alternate side parking can become the bane of your existence. Our monthly parking garages in Manhattan will keep your car safe, and you worry-free.

We hope to see you at our garages in NYC.


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