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Parking in NYC is about Location and service

How you chose a parking lot in NYC is a simple procedure. There are two criteria which will dictate your final decision. Let’s rule out price as a criteria. If you shop just by price you can end up wasting time and isn’t time money?? Parking 5 blocks for your final destination to save a few bucks can waste 20 minutes time. That wasted time can result in more time in the lot causing your parking lot to charge you more for the time you spent in the lot. If the parking garage takes a lot of time getting your car back to you that can waste even more of your time.

The two criteria that should help when looking for a parking garage in NYC are:

  •    ● Location
  •    ● Service


Get as close as you can to the final destination will save you walking time. Crossing streets in NYC can be dangerous. Walking in the freezing cold or rain can ruin your day, your hair do and wreak havoc to your clothing. Your savings can be outweighed by lose of time and ruining your cloths. Can you imagine going to that big meeting and getting soaked walking block after block in the rain. Shoes soaked hair messed up ,is this the impression you want to make??


This is a critical point in making your decision. Do you want to get your car or van scratched up by a carless parking attendant? Those dents and in your car can add up to a big lose in value to your car. Knowing that your car is in good reliable professional hands is paramount in deciding where to leave our valuable car.

Waiting 20 minutes for an attendant to get your car is a waste of time. Knowing that the attendant will give you the service you deserve is a very important part of your decision.

Still not sure how to find a parking lot in NYC? Think about the indoor lot as opposed to the outdoor lot. Hot day sun burning down. Do you want to leave your car in the blazing NYC sun? Indoor lots give you the opportunity to protect your car from the destructive rays of the sun. The indoor parking garage offers you protection from the elements.