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Parking Tips in Manhattan

Anyone who has ever been to New York City can tell you that parking here can be a bit of a struggle. Whether you’re a local or a tourist, the complaint is always the same. So whether you are coming to visit, or planning to stay a while, here are a few tips that will get you through without having to pull your hair out.

Tip #1: Do Some Comparison Shopping Online

Let any New Yorker tell you, the best parking places are in lots or a parking garage. NYC’s best parking lots and garages are owned by specific companies. These companies keep their locations and prices listed online. So, if you can check out the location of your destination, you should be able to find a parking lot or garage that suits your needs.

Tip #2: Search Craigslist

Who would have thought that the same place you find housing and a used kayak would be the perfect space to also find parking? Only in New York City! You may be able to find great deals from enterprising New Yorkers and private companies that sell parking spaces by the day. This may be a great solution for those who are planning to stay in NYC for an extended period of time. If you can afford to be picky, decide if you want your parking space to be in an open lot or in a garage. An open lot may leave you open to the elements like wind or rain. In a parking garage, NYC sites will have an attendant as well as other security features that will keep your vehicle safe.

Tip #3: Plan Your Trip Well

If you plan to hop around the city during your stay in Manhattan, you should be aware of how the streets are mapped out. Numbered streets go from north to south while avenues go east to west. Try planning out your trip so that you will not have to travel too far out of the way in high traffic. For example, don’t try and visit Chinatown and Harlem in the same day. Try and keep your day trips limited within certain neighborhoods.

Traveling to New York City can be a trip of a lifetime if you plan well. Try and focus your parking choices to lots or a parking garage. NYC is full of attractions that you will be sure to remember.

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