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Paying the Meter

Finding a free parking spot in New York City is almost impossible. If you do find an open spot in the city, there is probably a fee. Most spots in New York come with a meter. Familiarizing yourself with parking meters is important. Each meter has specific rules and costs.

The rates of parking meters vary throughout the five boroughs. The prices will be posted directly on the meter which takes away most of the guessing game. The signs attached to each meter will show the rate and the parking duration. For some meters, you can park for one hour while others allow parking up to twelve hours.

In the outer boroughs (the Bronx, Staten Island, Brooklyn, and Queens), the hourly rate is $1.00. The hourly rates in Manhattan depend on where in the city you are located. Below 96th Street, the cost is $3.50 per hour.

If you are finding parking meters confusing and want to remove the guessing game, consider a parking garage NYC. Using a car park provides drivers with a set price. Additionally, using a car park saves time as drivers do not need to drive around the streets looking for a spot.

New York City drivers also benefit from discount parking NYC when using a parking garage. Parking early in the morning or late at night will cost less than parking at peak hours.