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Prepare your Car for Auto Storage

Parking a car for long periods of time in NYC is next to impossible, unless you do not mind parking in an incredibly inconvenient place. This fact makes many individuals consider ditching their cars, despite the need and want for them. The options for auto storage NYC are extensive, which means that you are likely to find a monthly parking garage or lot close to your home.

If you decided to keep your car in long-term storage, you should prepare your car for those conditions. You should:

  1. Make sure you have a full tank of gas, and you may even want to add a gas stabilizer (only for prolonged long term storage). Empty areas of a gas tanks are prone to collect moister, which leads to rusted gas tanks.
  2. Give your car a coat of wax. Wax will keep the car's paint intact. Without wax, the car is subject to deterioration and oxidation. These problems will cause your car's color to fade and will make your car rust.
  3. Clean the inside of your car.  Cleaning all dirt in a car, especially food, will help to prevent pests. This is one of the worst problems to come back too, and it is easily avoidable.