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Problems with Alternate Side Parking in NYC

When trying to park in a free, public spot in NYC, drivers are faced with a whole slew of difficulties and problems. One of the most significant issues with parking on the street is that your car is always subject to damage and theft. When using a parking garage NYC, you can rest easy because your vehicle is safe. Besides the safety factor, there is also a good deal of confusing and misleading signs that tell you when, where, and how to park your car. Misreading or not seeing one of these signs will result in tickets or towing (both are terrible options). One of the most commonly seen parking signs in Manhattan deals with alternate side parking regulations.

A sign that has a black P in the middle of a red circle, with a red broom going across it, indicates alternate side parking rules. The sign will tell you that you are not allowed to be parked or standing on that street on a specific day at a particular time. For instance, you cannot park on West 21st St. And 9th Ave. on Tuesdays and Thursdays between the hours of 7:00 AM to 9:30 AM. Some people see a clear street and think that they are lucky, but they are not because they are parked illegally in an alternate side parking regulation.

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