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Protecting Your Car in a Parking Garage in NYC

The streets of New York City can sometimes be a dangerous place to park a vehicle. It is not common that your car will get stolen or that you will get robbed or hurt. The big problem to worry about is damage to your vehicle from pedestrians, motorists, and debris.

A parking spot on the street near where you need to be might be convenient, but there are no assurances that your car will be unharmed. The bigger issues are that when your car is damaged, usually there is no one to blame or seek financial reimbursements.

If you drive an old or classic car, you probably will want to avoid parking on the street. This also applies to those who want to ensure that their vehicle is not dented, scratched, or broken.

Dropping off your car in a parking garage in NYC will guarantee you a few things:

  1. There is minimal foot traffic through garages, and so there is only a small chance damage will be done to your car.
  2. Parking garages are under the watchful eye of attendants and cameras.
  3. Parking garages are fully insured in case anything, unfortunately, does happen. Accidents do happen, but any accident in a garage becomes the sole responsibility of the garage. On the streets, there is no one to blame or reimburse you for damages.

We can help you keep your car safe while parking in NYC.