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Registering a car in NYC

There are many hassles associated with bringing a car to NYC. This includes, driving, tickets, and parking in NYC. Police officers are always looking to see whetheSr or not a car has proper registration, and without it a person is subject to hefty fines. If you decide to move to NYC and bring a car, it is important that your register the car with a local DMV. Individuals have a 30-day grace period to register their car; after those thirty days, cars are subject to ticketing and towing.

In order to register a car in the city you must do certain things. It is important to get this information in order prior going to the DMV.

You will need:

  • Valid/paid car insurance
  • To complete vehicle registration and title application forms
  • A valid identification card
  • $50 for title fee
  • $25 for license plate fee
  • To complete the claim for sales tax exemption (form DTF-803)

Once you register your car and it is legal, you will be able to drive without fear of tickets. If you want to avoid constantly paying meters, moving your car at odd hours, and waiting extended periods of time for semi-decent parking, find out about local auto storage NYC. Paying for a monthly parking spot makes having a car in NYC accessible.