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Residential Parking in NYC: Past and Future Problems

Recently, the city of New York has conducted a thorough study on public and residential parking. What is found in these reports suggest many things about the current situation in the boroughs, as well as projecting future trends. Knowing about the information in this report will help those who live in the city, as well as those who come only for a short period of time. Below we will be going over some of the important highlights of this report.

The study is called, "Residential Parking Study: Automobile Ownership Rates and Off-street Parking Requirements in Portions of NYC: Manhattan CDs 9-12, the Bronx, Queens, and Brooklyn," and it was published in March of 2009. The New York City Department of City Planning conducted the study, and it was put out in conjunction with the U.S. Department of Transportation.

In the early 1950s, NYC began issuing off-street parking requirements. From their initial creation, there has been an issue between new residents, city planners, and builders. There were a few main issues they discussed: there were neighborhood concerns regarding overutilization of street parking; there were concerns about the environment; people had issues with congestion and traffic; private developers had concerns about the price of providing parking. More recently we are seeing issues with an apparent lack of spots for all people needing them. Many different communities are speaking out against this. They claim that the communities have had increased populations and growth in amount of houses. According to the Department of City Planning, the next decades will see an increase in both the amount of homes and the people in them.

These are issues for all five of the boroughs, and for each place different plans are being taken. One connecting piece is the fact that the city is requiring developers to provide more spaces, but there are not specific plans to fix the problem quickly.

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