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Saving Money on Monthly Parking in NYC

Parking in New York City is rough. It can be incredibly difficult to find a parking space. When you do find a place to leave your car, the fee can add up. Luckily, there are ways drivers can save money when renting a monthly parking spot in New York City.

The number one characteristic every driver must have if they want to save money is flexibility. If you are flexible about your parking location, you can save up to $300 for parking garage NYC. Some areas of Manhattan cost a lot more than others. Downtown and the East Side typically cost the most. Consider the West Side when on the lookout for the most affordable, discount parking New York City has to offer.

Before purchasing that monthly parking pass, think about when you actually will be parking. If you are not using the car park every day, getting a monthly pass may not be cost-effective. Speak with the parking garage representative. Discuss the payment options they offer. Find the option that works best with the amount of time you will be parking.

Depending on the time you park your car, some timing discounts may be available for you. Many parking attendants offer discounts for drivers who park during non-peak times. Parking during the night or the weekends is considered non-peak times.