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Saving Money on Monthly Parking in Manhattan

It is essential in NYC to try and save money where you can because this city can be rather expensive. This is precisely the case when you want to keep a vehicle in Manhattan or the surrounding boroughs. Monthly Parking in NYCParking on the streets of NYC is a hassle and paying meters or fines can add up. The best alternative to the trouble and the random costs is to find monthly parking in NYC. We have lots and garages throughout the city that offer great rates.
You should not just park at the place closest to your home because if you follow a few tips, you could potentially save yourself money every month.
If you are flexible about your location, you can save some money. More congested areas in the city can command a higher rate for parking and monthly parking. Certain neighborhoods, mostly downtown and in the upper west side, can cost close to 400 dollars a month. A five-block radius from the ideal location is a decent enough distance to find discounts while also remaining close to your car. If you use the car infrequently, consider stashing it in the outer boroughs.
When signing up for monthly parking, there are different access types. You can get a spot with unlimited access, but that will cost more than monthly parking that is just for overnight use. Consider different monthly parking options.
We offer monthly parking in NYC at great rates. If you want to keep a car in NYC and you want to avoid the hassles of alternate side parking, paid city meters, and potential bangs and scratches, give us a call.


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