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Saving Money When Parking in NYC

Parking in New York City can be an extremely stressful task to accomplish. With Nine Million people residing within the city’s limits, it’s no wonder why available parking is so hard to find. When you do manage to find a spot, chances are that it is located in an area that you have to continually run back to in order to pay a parking meter. It is always a good idea for visitors to take a bus, subway, or taxi, but if a car is necessary, there are some ways to limit costs of parking in NYC.

Learn When the Meters Are Free

Scattered across the city of New York are muni-meters that allow you to pay for parking in designated areas.  On certain days and time periods, the muni-meters operate free of charge. Make yourself aware of these specific timeframes, so that you can save some money.

Avoid Towing and Parking Tickets

Reading the convoluted parking prohibitions signs add to the frustration of finding a parking spot. Just when you think that you’ve landed the spot of your dreams, alternate side parking may be in effect. If you fail to notice this from the tiny sign, your car will be towed, fined, and impounding: resulting in you paying hundreds of dollars. Make sure to always read the posted sign before leaving your car. There are so many different parking scenarios that could lead to your car being towed, and you don’t want to experience any of them. In addition to signs, always be vigilant for fire hydrants. Parking too close, or blocking a pump, is another assured method of having to pay a large sum of money for a parking error in NYC. You must be at least eight feet away from the fire hydrant before you leave your car, being overtly cautious is always a wise move when dealing with fire hydrants.

Always Plan Ahead

Many parking garages offer magnificent discounts to those who book online and in advance. There is also a multitude of online resources that offer coupons for parking garages in NYC. It is always suggested to leave your car in a garage. In many ways, parking garages are the safest places to store your car. At these facilities, the prospect of theft, damage, and fines is dramatically minimalized. If you are looking to have an extended vacation in the city, these garages often offer long time deals that are fair to the traveler.