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Short Term Parking For Events: Parking Garage NYC

Every day in Manhattan, NY there is almost a countless amount events going on. Major, minor, and college sports, music, art, theater, and food bring so many people in and out of NYC on a daily basis that parking can become a nightmare. If you pick up a copy of the Village Voice or New York Magazine, you can turn to the events sections and have something to do every night of the week. Manhattan will never let you down in terms of entertainment, cultural events, and things to do; however, you cannot trust its parking situation. Yes, there are times where you can drive into Manhattan and find a legal spot where you need it, but the odds of that happening are slim to none. If you know you are coming into NYC for a specific event (meaning you know the time and location), then the best way to park is in a parking garage.  Do a search for parking garage NYC and you will see all your options.

For most tourist attractions, concert halls, museums, and other places, parking garages will be very close by. For instance, Madison Square Garden is not short on parking garages and lot that surround the building. In order to get the closest guaranteed spot, these garages or lots would be your best bet. You can get this spot at a great rate too

Now, Think about the price you've paid for your event. You have paid to be entertained and to have a good time. Would you want to spend a few extra dollars to ensure that you have the best possible time? Parking on the streets of NYC can give your outing a bad start. Between the amount of people looking for spots, the confusing signs, and not nearly enough spaces for everyone, you have a lot working against you. It could sometimes take forever to park, you can end up parking far from your venue, or worst of all you can get ticketed or towed. Yes, you will pay for a spot at a parking garage in NYC, but you will really be paying for ease and peace of mind.

Parking garages usually have discounted rates or sales when they know an event is happening near by. To go back to the Madison Square Garden example: when the Rangers or Knicks play there are special game parking prices that go up once the game is over.

Get a great spot at a great price when you park in a parking garage in NYC.

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