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Shrinking Amount of Parking Spaces in NYC

Parking Garage New York CityNYC is a fantastic place to live because of all the possibilities that are available at almost any time of day or night. People flock from all over the world just to visit Manhattan and the four other boroughs. Considering all the tourist, residents, and businesses in NYC, there is no wonder why there is usually traffic and a lack of legal parking spaces. In recent years, NYC has made it harder to own cars in the city. At our parking lots and garages, we offer monthly parking spaces. These spots are guaranteed to be open for you any time of day or night.

It is harder to park in the city because:

  1. Growing bike lanes: the city and the surrounding boroughs are expanding bike lanes, which has a direct effect on the number of parking spots. As these pathways grow, you may find that your favorite parking spot is now used for bikes.
  2. Citi bikes: The new CitiBike program is beloved by many riders. This is evident in the massive expansion throughout the city. CitiBike rolled out over 140 new stations in 2017 alone. 49 of those stations were placed in Harlem (between 110th and 130th). When will your block remove parking spots for CitiBike?
  3. Car Free NYC: This is an initiative that is being carried out by the DOT. What started as an experiment in Time Square is now growing throughout the city. In 2017, car-free streets expanded citywide.

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