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Special Event Parking

On any given day, there are a slew of different events throughout all of NYC. This includes concerts, plays, and sporting events. Considering these places tend to have a lot of people, there is usually a shortage of legal, public parking. When trying to find a spot on the streets of NYC, you battle other drives as well as meters and parking rules. A parking garage in NYC is your best option for convenient and safe parking.

Parking lots and garages that are situated near event halls/venues tend to have special parking deals when events are being held. These sales allow individuals to attend events while parking with comfort and ease. Different garages will offer different deals, and so it is best to do more than simply park at the first parking garage you see.

Knowing where your event is taking place before hand will allow you to have a better parking experience. Deals and sales are posted online on different websites. These sites can give you an idea of different options, which will help save time and money. The other option is to simply drive around hoping to find a deal.