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Special for Students in NYC

Today, paying for college is one of the most expensive endeavors a person will embark on. At certain private universities, you can end up paying $200,000+ for an education. This is the price of a decent sized home in New York. There was never a time in NYC when tuition for schools was free (not even public universities like CUNY), and each year tuition rates go up. In 1957, a student paid roughly $300 for a year's tuition. Today, that would be about $2,500 dollars. If you want to enroll in a CUNY school tomorrow you must be ready to pay $6,000+ for a year's education. The price student’s pay for food on campus, books, and rent has all went up in price as well. The price of parking in NYC has gone up, but we are able to do something about that.

At GMC parking, we understand the difficulties that students go through, and so we want to give back for all their hard work. We offer a student discount at our locations. The discount applies to any person attending college. This means there are no age restrictions. You may also be a student from any university or college (both national or world wide). You can be an undergraduate, graduate, or PhD student.

All that is required of you to get the discount is a valid university/college I.D. present your I.D. to the attendant when first parking your car. You want to make sure that the discount is applied, so you should let the attendant know while first parking.

The student discount is applied throughout the day, so it can be used if you need to drive to class during the morning or afternoon. You can also come into the city at night or on weekends to use the discount as well. We want to help students save money.

The parking garages we have in NYC are conveniently located throughout the city. We even have lots close to NYU, Fordham, and NYIT. Our garages and lots are state of the art, and are run by trained professionals. Using lots is safer than parking on the street and there is absolutely no chance of you getting a ticket or even worse towed.

Come and enjoy the benefits of using a parking garage in NYC.

For more information about the student special please contact us directly.