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The City makes good Money giving out Tickets

For those who are not familiar with parking in NYC, it is relatively easy to get a parking ticket or towed. There is a limited amount of parking spots, and most legal spaces have meters and confusing signs. If you misread a sign, or miss the sign completely, you can end being inconvenienced and down over $100. The city can be unforgiving with ticketing and towing, so it is the responsibility of the driver to keep their car safe.

According to NYC’s Office of Management and Budget, within the last decade:

  1. Over 50 million summons/tickets were issued (10,709,000 in 2010 alone).
  2. Only 14% of annual tickets are dismissed, meaning that most people are required to pay the full penalty.
  3. The City takes in almost $600 million annual from parking violations.

Avoiding parking violations can be confusing.  Monthly parking lot NYC can help you avoid getting towed or ticketed. Parking in a garage ensures that your car is in a legal spot. You will never come back to a ticket.

One of the worst experiences in NYC is coming back to your car to find that it is not there. At first, you might think it was stolen, but then after seeing parking signs, you realize your car is at the local impound lot. Avoid getting your car impounded by parking in a comfortable parking garage in New York City.