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The Many Dangers of Street Parking

Driving a car to New York City can help make the night so much more enjoyable. There is something about easy and quick access to NYC that is worth researching and spending money. Commuting on crowded commuter trains or buses, especially ones that run less frequently as the night gets later, can lead to frustration. Coming in can be bothersome, but going home tends to be much worse. Waiting prolonged periods of times for a train, bus, or ferry can very easily make a person forget about the good time they just had. For instance, the Staten Island ferry, after 1 AM, runs every hour. If you miss the boat by a few moments, you must stay waiting for the next boat. This can be a painful experience.

Despite the fact that driving in is a great option, it doesn't take into account all the dangers you are likely to experience while trying to drive and park in NYC.  We will discuss some of the different dangers that are associated with driving in a highly congested city like Manhattan.

How would you rate yourself on a scale of 1 to 10 when it comes to parallel parking? Most every single public spot you find will require a parallel park job. Most of the time the spots are narrow, and on other rare occasions there is ample room to fit a car. You must be comfortable parallel parking on both sides of the street because you never know where you'll find a spot. Spots are so rare that you won't have many options for parking.

There is a lot of car traffic in the city, and so accidents can happen. This can happen from reckless taxis picking up and dropping off customers, or reckless drivers who bump you while entering or exiting a spot.

As bike lanes in the city grow, rides begin to pose a bigger threat to parked cars. Although not common, there are instances where bikes scratch the sides of cars or take off side view mirrors.

Pedestrian traffic is also a problem. As people cross streets and walk, there is the possibility of scratches and bumps. There is also the possibility of people using your car as a seat or a place to lean.

It is really easy to avoid all the dangers of parking on the streets on NYC. All you need to do is find the appropriate parking garage in New York City. Parking in NYC can be dangerous, but it doesn't have to be.

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